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KIDNEY Problems (Dialysis)

  • Kidney Problems (Dialysis)

  • Improves Kidney functions
  • Controls Urea and Creatinin
  • Balances the Bio-chemistry
  • Helps reduction of frequency of Dialysis
  • Balances body fluids; Reduces Oedema
  • Helps prevention of further Kidney damage
  • Reduces body pains; Protects Heart & Lungs
  • RG, 
  • GL, 
  • Spirulina, 
  • DXN Gano Tea, 
  • Morinzhi.


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How To Lose Weight And Belly Fat With Ginger

Ginger is a root with a spicy flavor that has many health benefits. One of these benefits is maintaining a healthy withe and burning belly fat efficiently.

The ancient healing technique of Ayurveda suggest eating and drinking ginger regularyly as a way of keeping your weight in control, and scientific studies have confirmed this as well.

According to one animal study, ginger reduced weight in rats after only 1 month, and the rat's blood sugar and leptin levels were much improved as well.

Leptin is an important compound that plays a role in feeling full after meals, and is vital for proper weight loss.

The scientist concluded that the root can prevent obesity caused by a diet rich in  fat, and are now considering the root as a powerful natural remedy against the disease.

Another study showed that consuming ginger regularly can reduce weight just as well as Spirulina & Ganoderma, a popular weight loos supplements.

Furthermore, ginger also improved the HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the blood of the patients.
This is not surprising knowing that ginger can boost digestion, which effectively results in weight loss.

How Ginger Reduces Belly Fat.

Besides keeping your weight in check, ginger can also reduce the excess belly fat. It does this by preventing over eating and regulating your hormone and energy levels.

Ginger is highly satiating and prevent cravings, while the effect it has on your hormonal levels and sress prevent cortisol spikes in the blood, which can do a lot of damage to the immune system and metabolism. According to a 2004 study, ginger significantly suppresses cortisol production.

Increased cortisol levels have been known to lead to weight gain and can make it a lot harder to lose weight. This is why it's important to reset and maintain your hormonal levels if you want to lose belly fat.

Consuming ginger will help you do this, and accelerate your metabolism as well. Gigner sharp flavor can also boost your energy levels and help stay in shape.

How To Use Ginger For Weight Loss.

To promote weight loss, nib on a piece of ginger before eating your meals. This will regulate your metabolism and stimulate digestion, while boosting your energy levels and reducing your cortisol production.

You can also grate some ginger and add some lemon juice and salt to it, then eat the mixture before your meals to control your appetite. Besides this, you can prepare a cup of ginger tea which will accelerate your metabolism and prevent numerous diseases and conditions.

Use ginger as a spice in your meals and don't limit its amount - according to studies, cooking it for 6 minutes can boost its health benefits. The root has a pleasant flavor which doesn't need to be masked.

Ginger Tea for Weight Loss.

Drinking 2-3 cups of ginger tea every day is very healthy and will boost your metabolism. To prepare the tea, grate an inch of ginger and put it in a cup, then pour boiling water over it.

Leave the mixture to steep for 10 minutes, then strain it and leave it to cool down before adding some honey. Ginger tea is a powerful remedy for many diseases and conditions and will also help you lose weight.

Other Ginger Health Benefits.

Besides helping you lose weight, ginger can boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, nausea and prevent vomiting, while also eliminating cancer cells. You can prepare a healthy ginger detox drink that can fight numerous diseases as well.

Powdered ginger can be kept in the fridge for a longer period, while a fresh ginger root can be kept for 2-3 weeks. You can freeze the root to boost its longevity for up to 6 months.

Source: pinoy home remedies

Top 10 Health Benefits of HONEY

1. Honey Prevents cancer and heart disease
Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

2. Reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders
Recent research shows that honey treatment may help disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. This may be related to the 3rd benefit.

3. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-fungal
“All honey is antibacterial because the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide,” said Peter Molan, director of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

4. Increase athletic performance
Ancient Olympic athletes would eat honey and dried figs to enhance their performance. This has now been verified with modern studies, showing that it is superior in maintaining glycogen levels and improving recovery time than other sweeteners.

5. Reduces a cough and throat irritation
It helps with coughs, particularly buckwheat honey. In a study of 105 children, a single dose of buckwheat honey was just as effective as a single dose of dextromethorphan in relieving nocturnal cough and allowing proper sleep.

6. Balance the 5 Elements
It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for at least 4000 years and is considered to affect all three of the body’s primitive material imbalances positively. A few of the health benefits of honey are that it is useful in improving eyesight, weight loss, curing impotence and premature ejaculation, urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and nausea.

Honey is referred to as “Yogavahi” since it has a quality of penetrating the deepest tissues of the body. When honey is used with other herbal preparations, it enhances the medicinal qualities of those preparations and also helps them to reach the deeper tissues.

7. Blood sugar regulation
Even though it contains simple sugars, it is NOT the same as white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its exact combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Some kinds of honey do have a low hypoglycemic index, so they don’t jolt your blood sugar.  Watch this video Sweetener Comparison where I compare stevia, brown rice syrup, honey, molasses, and agave, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each.

8. Heal wounds and burns
Health benefits of honey extend even to external applications. Applied to the skin, honey has been shown to be as effective as conventional treatment with silver sulfadiazine. It is speculated that the drying effect of the simple sugars and honey’s antibacterial nature combine to create this effect. Studies have shown it to be very successful in healing wounds.

9. Probiotic
Some varieties possess large amounts of friendly bacteria. This includes up to 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria. This may explain many of the “mysterious therapeutic properties of honey.”

10. Strengthen the Immune System
Manuka Honey has been found to stimulate the production of immune cells according to a study at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University, UK. Manuka is a favourite of mine.

Health Benefits of Honey

What is Honey made of?

Honey is made from nectar. “Bees collect the dilute-sugary nectar of flora plants, produce an enzymatic activity after ingestion, regurgitate it into honey cells and evaporate a high percentage of the water out of it, producing a super-sweet viscous liquid known as honey,” explains Dana Hunnes, a senior dietitian at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

The sweet substance is mostly fructose and glucose — simple sugars that are easily converted by the body into energy — and water.

Honey also contains trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids and flavonoids, says Jenny Friedman, a Philadelphia-based registered dietitian. “These compounds are responsible for some of honey’s potential health benefits and part of what distinguishes the sweetener from more traditional ones like sugar.”

Is honey healthy?

Research has linked honey to an improvement in gut microbial balance, coughing and other respiratory conditions. Because of honey’s trace nutrients, the sweetener has been thought to have antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with healing potential for ailments such as sore throats, digestive disorders and burns, Friedman says.

What’s the healthiest way to eat honey?

It’s important to consume honey in moderation, experts say. A little goes a long way. Think of a serving size of honey as about a tablespoon (the size of your thumb or a poker chip), says Friedman. This much honey has about 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar, according to the USDA’s food composition database. Aim to keep your daily intake from any added sugar under 100 calories a day for women and 150 calories a day for men, suggests Hunnes.


DXN Spica Tea

DXN has developed Spica Tea which is rich in natural ingredients containing Ganoderma lucidum, Radix glycyrrhizae and other natural elements. 

This has created a delightfully aromatic tea with a piquant flavour that remains from the first sip to the last. Spica Tea is also mild and ideal for all ages and gender.

Packaging Size: 20 sachets x 5g.

DXN has developed Spica Tea which is rich in natural ingredients containing Ganoderma Lucidum, Radix Glycyrrhizae and other natural elements. This has created a delightfully aromatic tea with a piquant flavour that remains from the first sip to the last. Spica Tea is also mild and ideal for all ages and gender.

Ang Spica Tea ay may:

✔️Lavender - napapakalma sa mga ugat nang ating katawan
at nagpapababa ng presyon ng dugo.
✔️Licorice - naglilinis at nagpoprotekta sa bituka.
✔️Ganoderma - nagpapalakas ng resistensya
✔️Ang compound na Glycyrrhizin (from Licorice) ay nakaktulong para ilabas ang mucus para lumuwag ang daluyan ng hangin sa baga. (clogged nose)
✔️Walang caffeine content
✔️Pinapahimbing ang tulog.
✔️Nagbabawas ng taba sa katawan
✔️Mainam sa may ubo at sipon

DXN Reishi Gano Tea™

Savour the Essence of Nature

Tea is a traditional beverage brewed from the processed leaves of the tea plant called "Camellia sinensis". 

In each leaf lies the natural composition of nature's goodness, especially polyphenols, trace elements and vitamins.

DXN has introduced the DXN Reishi Gano Tea™ which is blended with high quality Reishi Gano powder. DXN Reishi Gano Tea™ has no added preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings. 

It also invigorates your mind and body and you will also be delighted with its exceptional flavour and pleasant aroma.

Longing for a flavoursome cup of tea? Indulge in DXN Reishi Gano Tea™!

Packaging Size: 20 sachets x 2g

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Wastong Nutrisyon ang Mainam na Proteksyon ng iyong Katawan

Ang tamang nutrisyon ay mahalaga upang mapangalagaan at mapalakas ang iyong immune system — ang likas na proteksyon ng katawan laban sa mga sakit. Ang 6 na elemento ng nutrisyon ay ang mga sumusunod: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Ang tatlong mga nauna — proteins, carbohydrates, and fats — ay tinatawag na MACRONUTRIENTS, ibig sabihin ay kailangan ito ng maramihan ng iyong katawan upang gumana ng maayos.

Ang mga proteins ay binubuo ng mga maliliit na mga elemento na tinatawag na amino acids, tinaguriang mahalagang sangkap ng iyong katawan. Ang pangunahing tungkulin ng mga proteins ay ang pagbuo at pagpangalaga ng mga body tissues.

Ang mga carbohydrates ay bumubuo ng glucose — pinanggagalingan ng energy na sumusuporta sa kagalawan at aktibidad ng katawan.

Ang mga fats ay ‘di naman talaga masama sa iyong katawan. Tumutulong ang mga itong magpaayos ng mga proseso ng katawan na tulad ng: pagbuo ng energy para sa maayos na kagalawan ng katawan at pagpapalusog ng utak at ng balat. Ang mga fats ay tumutulong din para ma-absorb ng katawan ang mga fat-soluble vitamins, na katulad ng vitamins A, D, E, and K. Ang mga mainam na mapagkuhanan ng mga healthy fats ay mga nuts, olives, avocados, fish, sea foods, and vegetable oils.

Ang iyong katawan ay nangangailangan ng mga vitamins. Nagsasagawa sila ng mga mahahalagang tungkulin sa katawan upang makamit ang wastong kalusugan. Ang mga vitamins ay may dalawang uri: FAT SOLUBLE (vitamins A, D, E and K) and WATER SOLUBLE (vitamins B and C). Mahalagang malaman ang pagkakaiba ng dalawang uring ito upang matukoy kung paano gumagana ang mga ito sa katawan.

Ang mga ito ay natutunaw lamang sa lipids o fats. Naa-absorb lamang sila ng katawan sa tulong ng mga fats. Kapag kumain o uminom ka ng marami nito ay naiimbak lamang sila sa iyong atay at mga body tissues, at manatili roon ng mahabang panahon.
  • Vitamin A – nakakatulong sa iyong paglaki, pagpatubo ng buhok, pagpalakas ng immune functions, pagpasigla ng reproductive health, pagtaguyod ng healthy skin, paglaban sa mga infections, pagpalinaw ng paningin, at pagpatibay ng mga buto at ng mga ngipin. Ang vitamin A ay nagtataglay ng sangkap na panlaban sa cancer.
  • Vitamin D – Nagpapatibay ng mga buto at ng mga ngipin at tumutulong sa pag absorb ng calcium.
  • Vitamin E – powerful antioxidant, ang vitamin E ay tumutulong sa pagtanggal ng mga toxins at pumipigil sa pagkasira ng mga cells.
Ang mga ito ay natutunaw sa tubig, hindi nananatili sa katawan ng mahabang panahon, at nailalabas sa pamamagitan ng pag-ihi at ng pagpapawis, kung kaya’t kinakailangan ang maramihang supply nito sa iyong katawan araw-araw.
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) — tumutulong sa pag-convert ng food (carbohydrates) para maging glucose, na siyang ginagamit ng katawan bilang energy. Tumutulong mag proseso ng mga fats at protein, ang Vitamin B1 ay umaagapay din sa ating nervous system, liver, endocrine glands, skin, hair, eyes, brain, cardiovascular and muscular function.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) — mainam para sa paningin at nakakatulong sa growth and development ng ating katawan. Nakakatulong din ito sa pangangalaga ng ating skin, nails, hair, sensitive lips and tongue at tumutunaw ng protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) — mainam para sa ating digestive system, skin and nervous system; nagpapababa ng cholesterol levels; tumutulong sa ating katawan sa pag-produce ng iba’t-ibang sex and stress-related hormones; tumutulong sa pangangasiwa ng healthy skin and nerves.
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) — mainam sa skin; nagriregulate ng cholesterol level; nagpapababa ng stress levels; nagpapaimprove ng athletic performance; nagpapalakas ng immune system; nakakatulong sa pagpapababa ng timbang; panguntra sa arthritis; nakakatulong sa paglikha ng energy and hormones; tumutulong sa pagtunaw ng carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  • Vitamin B6 —  Mainam para sa utak, ang vitamin B6 ay tumutulong sa paglikha ng mga hormones na nag-i-influence ng mood at melatonin na kumucontrol sa pagtulog. Ang Vitamin B6 ay tumutulong din magregulate ng blood sugar sa katawan. Mabisa din itong pampababa ng homocysteine levels — isang amino acid na nakukuha sa sobrang pagkakain ng karne. Ang malabis na pagkakaroon ng homocysteine sa dugo ay maaring mag resulta sa pagbabara ng mga ugat na maaring magpataas ng tsansa ng blood clot formation, strokes, heart attacks, at posibleng Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) – nagpapababa ng tsansa ng pagkakaroon ng heart disease, tumutulong sa pag proseso ng protein, tumutulong sa paglikha ng red blood cells, at tumutulong sa pagpigil ng pagkakaroon ng birth defects.
  • Vitamin B12 – mahalaga sa paglikha ng red blood cells at pagbuo ng mga nerves.
  • Vitamin C – Ang antioxidant na vitamin C ay tumutulong sa paglaban ng skin damage na sanhi ng malabis na sun exposure and pollution, nagbabawas ng mga wrinkles, at nagpapa-improve ng overall skin health. Ang vitamin C ay tumutulong din sa immune function, normal growth, pag-repair ng mga tissues sa katawan, paglimita ng damaging effects of free radicals, at pagkontra sa mga cancers, cardiovascular disease, infections of the bladder and prostate. Ang vitamin C ay tumutulong din sa pagpigil ng pagbabara ng mga ugat sa katawan, nagpapababa ng high cholesterol level, lumalaban sa mga sakit na heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, common cold, gum disease, acne, bronchitis, HIV disease, stomach ulcers, and dysentery.
Ang mga minerals ay nakakatulong pangpatangkad, pang-repair ng tissue, pangtunaw, at pagsagawa ng iba-ibang proseso sa katawan. Ang katawan ay nangangailangan ng mga minerals upang suportahan ang mga important body functions na katulad ng nerve circulation, muscle contraction and hormone production.

Ang mga minerals ay nahahati sa dalawang grupo:

MACROMINERALS or major minerals (kailangan ang mga ito ng katawan ng maramihan) at MICROMINERALS or trace minerals (kakaunti lang ang kailangan sa mga ito ng katawan).

MACROMINERALS (Major Minerals):
  • Calcium – Ang calcium ay isang uri ng electrolyte — minerals na nagkaconduct ng electrical impulses, nakaka apekto kung paano mag function ng maayos ang katawan, kabilang nito ang: muscle movement, balance of fluid and the acidity of your blood (pH), at iba pang mga mahalagang proseso. Bukod sa mainam na pang patibay ng mga buto at mga ngipin, ang calcium ay napaka mahalagang bahagi ng healthy diet.
  • Magnesium (an electrolyte) ay mahalaga sa mga human cells, tumutulong sa pagpapatibay ng mga buto at mga ngipin, nagpapadala ng mga nerve signals na siyang nagpapagalaw ng mga muscles, at tumutulong sa pag proseso ng mga fats and protein.
  • Potassium – (an electrolyte) — tumutulong sa katawan na matamo ang lubos nitong kakayahan. Mahalaga para sa wastong kagalawan ng mga cells, tissues and organs, ang potassium ay mainam rin para sa puso at sa digestive and muscular function. Nagsasaayos din ito ng iyong blood pressure at pumipigil sa mga sakit na tulad ng stroke and osteoporosis.
  • Sodium: Sodium (another electrolyte) — tumutulong na mapanatili ang balanse ng tubig sa iyong katawan, nagpapadala ng nerve signals at tumutulong sa pagpagalaw ng mga muscles. Ang sobrang pagkain ng sodium ay nakakapinsala ng kidney. Tamang pag gamit ng sodium ang kailangan upang matamo ang malusog na pangangatawan.
  • Chloride – Isang uri ng electrolyte, kailangan para mapanatili ang balanse ng fluid at ng stomach acid.
  • Phosphorus – Nagpapatibay ng mga buto at ng mga ngipin, ang phosphorus ay tumutulong sa pag gamit at pag imbak ng energy sa katawan; tumutulong sa kidney sa pagsala ng mga toxins; umaagapay sa pagbuo ng DNA at RNA; tumutulong sa pagpapalago, pagpapanatili at pagkukumpuni ng mga tissues and cells.
  • Sulfur – Nagpu-protekta sa mga cells; nagpapabagal ng pagtanda; nagpapalakas ng atay; nagpapalusog ng skin, hair, and brain; tumutulong tumunaw ng mga kinain at kinu-convert ang mga ito na maging energy.
MICROMINERALS (Trace Minerals):
  • Iron - Elemento na tumutulong magbuo ng mga litid (tendons and ligaments), nagbibigay sustansiya sa utak, nagpapalakas ng immune system at umaagapay sa blood circulation ng katawan.
  • Copper – Mahalaga ito upang matamo ang normal na kagalawan ng mga body organs at mga proseso sa katawan. Mainam din ang copper para sa kalusugan ng brain, heart, bone, skin, immune and reproductive system, connective tissues, hair, and eyes; pagpapanatili ng blood volume; pagsupply ng energy sa mga cells; pagbuo ng red blood cells; pagsaayos ng mga napinsalang mga tissues; pagbuo ng energy; tamang pag proseso ng cholesterol, glucose, enzymes at iron.
  • Manganese – Isang powerful antioxidant, ang manganese ay tumutulong sa pagregulate ng blood sugar, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sex hormones, protein metabolism, adrenal and thyroid function, bone formation, pati na rin ng neural and muscle function.
  • Iodine – Ang iodine ay kailangan ng thyroid gland upang maka-produce ng hormones. Ang mga hormones ay special chemical messengers sa katawan na nagku-control sa mga maselang bodily functions, katulad ng blood sugar levels, growth, mental development, body temperature, hunger, moods, emotions, menstrual cycle, thirst, sleep and sex drive.
Mahalaga rin ang iodine sa pagbuo ng central nervous system. Ang iodine ay nakakatulong din upang maiwasan ang mga sakit na tulad ng cancer, eye disease, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Ang kakapusan sa iodine ay maaring maging sanhi ng goiter, autoimmune disease, cancer, high blood pressure, infertility, mental retardation for baby, and cretinism — isang sakit na labis na nakaka apekto sa physical and mental growth.

Zinc - Ang zinc ay umaagapay sa enzyme activity ng katawan, nagpapalakas ng immune function, tumutulong magpahilom ng sugat, at nagpapalusog ng mga cells.
Selenium – Nagtataglay ng mataas na antioxidants, ang selenium ay pumuprotekta sa mga cells laban sa mga free radicals.

Ang tubig ay napakahalaga. Maari kang mag-survive na walang pagkain sa loob ng 3 araw, ngunit mamamatay sa loob lamang ng ilang oras kapag walang nainom na tubig sa ilalim ng matinding init ng araw o sa sobrang physical activity. Kailangan ang tubig para mapanatili ang iyong bodily functions.

Ang kakapusan sa mga nabanggit na mga nutrients ay magdudulot ng paghina ng iyong immune system na magiging sanhi ng malulubhang mga karamdaman. Upang maging malusog at maging malakas ugaliing ipagkaloob sa iyong katawan ang mga energy na kinakailangan arawaraw.

Ang mga DXN products ay nagtataglay ng mga elemento na kailangan ng iyong immune system para malabanan ang mga nakaambang malulubhang mga karamdaman.

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DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 is specially blended with finest quality coffee beans and 100% pure lingzhi  with sugar, non dairy creamer, and with no artificial colouring, flavoring and preservatives.

It is very refreshing and healthy.

It’s lactose-free, Gluten-free.

Packing size: 21g x 20 sachets
Ingredients: Instant arabica coffee powder, ganoderma extract, sugar, non dairy creamer – in 1 sachet – 21g.
Energy: 95 kcal
Carbohydrate: 16.0g
Fat: 2.9g
Protein: 1.1g

DXN Black Coffee

DXN Black Coffee – this is a strong black coffee.

DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee

DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee has no sugar additives, yet it manages to retain the bold taste and rich aroma of the coffee. It is specially presented for the modern society.

Lingzhi Black Coffee also brings you the satisfying taste of real coffee.

Lingzhi Black Coffee is a coffee beverage uniquely blended with the finest coffee beans and Ganoderma extract. Coffee is packed individually in small sachets for instant satisfaction and everyday use convenience. You can make 2-4 strong, bitter taste, small cup of coffee, like an espresso.
Lingzhi Black Coffee also brings you the satisfying taste of real coffee.

DXN Lighzhi Black Coffee is made of unique recipes from top quality instant coffee and Ganoderma extract.DXN Linghzi Black Coffee is sugar free and it is suitable fir those who like to limit their sugar intake. Linghzi Black Coffee provides full taste of real coffee.

It’s sugar-free, lactose-free, glute-free. You may use any sweetener for flavoring.

Ingredients: Instant coffee powder, Ganoderma extract
Packaging size: 4.5 x 20 sachets – in 1 sachet 4,5g.
Energy: 15kcal
Carbohydrate: 2.5g
Fat: 0.1g
Protein: 1.0g

Paano Makakaiwas Sa Corona Virus?

Dahil sa nababalita na may bago na naman virus na nadiskubre na nagmula sa China, marapat lang na alam nating lahat kung ano ang dapat nating gawin at maunawaan kung saan ito nanggagaling.

Ang nadiskubre sa Wuhan, China na bagong strain ng coronavirus ay ang π™‰π™Šπ™‘π™€π™‡ π˜Ύπ™Šπ™π™Šπ™‰π˜Όπ™‘π™„π™π™π™Ž. Ang mga kapatid nito ay ang SARS at ay ang MERS-CoV. Ngunit saan nga ba ito nanggagaling?

Coronaviruses ay common sa iba’t –ibang uri ng hayop tulad ng camels and bats. Ngunit, itong mga viruses na ito ay nag eevolve at na infect ang mga tao at ang pagkalat nito. Ang halimbawa ditto ay ang SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

❗️Sintomas ng Coronavirus:

✅Runny nose
✅Sore throat
✅General feeling of unwell

❗️Sino-sino ang mga High risk:

✅Persons with weak immune system

❗️How is it transmitted:

✅ the air by coughing and sneezing (use mask)
✅ close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands
✅ touching an object or surface with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes before washing your hands
✅rarely, fecal contamination

❗️How to protect yourself:
✅ wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
✅avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
✅ avoid close contact with people who are sick

❗️How to protect others:
✅ stay home while you are sick
✅avoid close contact with others
✅cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands
✅clean and disinfect objects and surfaces

There is no specific medicine for viruses. Treatment is only for the signs and symptoms seen on patients. Most viruses heal on its own.

✅take pain and fever medications (Caution: do not give Aspirin to children)
✅ use a room humidifier or take a hot shower to help ease a sore throat and cough
✅drink plenty of liquids
✅stay home and rest
✅Consult your doctor

Source: WHO

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A poor and a rich man were given a mountain full with coals. A month later, the rich man became richer but the poor remained poor and he asked a monk why.

There was a poor man who came to see a monk because he was too tired of living a difficult and miserable life. He complained to the monk of how poor he was while sobbing uncontrollably.

After crying for a while, he asked the monk, “The world is so unfair. Why do the rich can live comfortably while the poor live miserably?”

Upon hearing his complaint, the monk then replied with a smile on his face, “Then, how do you think the world can be fair?”

The poor man quickly replied, “By letting the rich becomes as poor as I am and do the same work like I do. If the rich remains rich after that, I will not complain anymore”
The monk then agreed to grant the poor man’s request and changed the rich man’s life to be as poor as the poor man who always complained about it.

Each of the rich man and the poor man then were given a mountain full with coal so that they could mine coal and sell it to earn a living. The monk gave a month to both of them to complete mining the coal from the mountain.

Both of them then started to work on their task. The poor man who was used to doing hard labour found his new job to be easy. He did not have any problem to mine a lot of coals.

In return, he earned a lot of money from his coals and able to provide for his family.

Meanwhile, the rich man who was not used to doing hard work found it was extremely difficult to mine coals from the mountain. He took a lot of time to mine just a small amount of coals.

Only after the sun set, the rich man managed to get a wheelbarrow of coals. He then sold it and only bought a bun for his dinner. After that, the rich man saved the money that was left after he bought the bun.

The next day, the poor man went to work as usual while the rich man decided to take a walk at the market. Not long after that, he brought two poor men to work for him.

Both of the poor men were tall and strong, suitable for the hard labour at the coal mine.

The rich man did not work. He only gave instructions to his new workers.

In just a short time, the rich man managed to collect a lot of coals. He quickly sold the coals and used the profit to hire more workers to work for him.

That day, he gained so much profit compared to the poor man who worked by himself.

A month passed by, the poor man did not finish his task the monk gave to him. He also did not have any savings as he used up all the money he got from selling coals to buy delicious food. Unlike the poor man, the rich man now had many workers and he managed to mine a lot of coals and gained a large margin of profit.

Later, the rich man used his profit to invest in many businesses and quickly became rich again like he used to a month ago. At the end, the poor man gave up and did not complain anymore.

Apparently, the key to success is…

Success is not about how much you can do but how many people you can get to do many works for you! You can never achieve great things alone so you will need help from many people to do it for you. So, always think of innovative and clever ways if you wish to be successful in a short time!

If you like this story, why not share it with your friends and family so we all can be inspired by the rich man!

Monday, January 27, 2020

How To Quit Your Job & Start A Homebased Business

πŸ€” Paano ka makakapagsimula ng sarili mong homebased career o kaya business para makapag-quit sa current job mo?

Para lagi mong kasama ang pamilya mo, o kaya para makaiwas ka sa araw-araw na delubyo at stress na dulot ng traffic.

Buti na lang maraming paraan kung talagang gusto mo. πŸ€— Meron kang options kung talagang gusto mong mag-work kahit nasa bahay ka lang at kumita ng full time income. Or pwedi gawin ang business kahit na may full time job ka at dimo kailangang mag resign sa trabaho para magawa ang business ...
  • Pwede ka maging freelancer πŸ‘©‍πŸ’»
  • Pwede ka maging virtual assistant πŸ’»
  • Pwede ka magbenta-benta online at sa social media πŸ›’
Madami na ang gumagawa ng mga 'yan.

Pero meron akong ire-recommend sa'yo. Yun yung eksaktong paraan na ginagawa ko na nakatulong sa akin para...

✅ Makapag-quit sa dati kong trabaho ✍️πŸ‘‹
✅ Kumita ng full time kahit nasa bahay πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’»
✅ At ma-achieve yung P50,000 per month income πŸ₯³

Ano yung paraan na 'yun?

Panoodin mo 'tong video na 'to malalaman mo...

Sunday, January 26, 2020

5 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

Most people struggle when trying something new, and for the Network Marketing newbie it can seem a strange, often fearful path to navigate. You are not alone.

The following Network Marketing tips may be can help.

5 Network Marketing Tips For Struggling Beginners


This is a big one (maybe the biggest), because the overwhelming majority of new and experienced network marketers blame everyone but themselves for things that go wrong. But in reality, everything that happens to you, in business and in your personal life is a result of your decisions in some way. You, and you alone are responsible for your business. The buck stops with you! 


Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, most brick and mortar businesses consider it a huge success if they can turn a profit after a couple of years. So, what makes you think that the money will start rolling in after a few days, or even months?  Building a business takes time, effort, and lots of patience. 

Be prepared!  When things don’t click right out of the gate, remind yourself that success is a process.  Every step you take leads you closer to your goal.  Everything you learn makes you more and more valuable to others, who will ultimately see you as the leader that can help them in their quest for freedom. 

But until then, relax, persevere and be patient!


I coach and mentor all of my new team partners that they should focus on educating themselves for the first couple of months after starting a new business, at least 3 to 6 months focusing on learning, gain more knowledge and understanding the whole business system and core of the business. This can be difficult for many people to hear, because they want to make money, and now! It usually doesn’t work that way. 

The only way that you will make big money in network marketing (or any business) is if you over-deliver value to your customers. 

How do you provide value?  By educating yourself!


If you are continuing to work while starting your business, you will need to become a time management expert. Your new business is like a newborn – it requires nurturing, attention, efforts, caring… and time.

Be sure to carve out some time every day to work on your business. Watching YouTube video training's like Motivation Training, Business Training, Leadership Training, etc. Turn your car into a rolling classroom by listening to CDs or tapes while you’re driving. Buy yourself a good mp3 player and plug into some great educational material while you’re at lunch or cleaning the house.

Every second you spend on your business will help it grow that much faster.


If this is your first attempt at starting a business, than it’s very likely that you’ll be expanding your horizons. You’ll be learning new and different ways of expressing yourself. You will need to connect with people.

No one ever made it big in network marketing by hiding behind their computer screen. You may very well feel uncomfortable trying new things that you may or may not be good at.

It’s okay – it means you are growing, and it’s a good thing.

Embrace the feeling and move forward.

The bottom line — have patience, be consistent in your efforts, focus on education, and above all else, take full responsibility for everything that happens.

Would You Like to Learn More About a Business Opportunity that Has The Potential to Replace Your Current Working Income Without Quitting Your Job?

Sipping at the well of success. You really ought to try it, either full-time or over weekends. We have a great business opportunity. You can run it from home full time or part time, or any combination.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

DXN MRT - Manual Reface Therapy

PART 1: