Friday, January 10, 2020

DXN Black Cumin Plus

DXN Black Cumin is also known as Habbatul Barakah, meaning "The Seed of Blessing".

Knowing the tremendous health benefits offered by these seeds DXN brings the Black Cumin Plus - a herbal supplement specially formulated from selected quality of Black Cumin, added with clove and black pepper to its efficacy.

This proprietary blend of herbal formulation acts in a synergistic way to strengthen and enhance the overall performance of our body.

Consistent consumption helps to regulate and defend our body optimally.

DXN Black Cumin Plus contains no artificial ingredients, no chemicals, preservatives or colourant.


✔️Beta sitosterol
✔️Myristic Acid
✔️Polmitic acid
✔️Polmitoleic acid
✔️Stearic acid
✔️Oleic acid
✔️Unoleic acid
✔️Unolenic acid
✔️Arachldonic acid
✔️Vitamin B1
✔️Vitamin B3
✔️Folic acid

Help Fight Diseases:

✅ Heart attack
✅ High blood pressure
✅ Epilepsy
✅ Asthma
✅ Sinusitis
✅ Acne
✅ Hair loss.

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