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Ganotherapy in general

In the world today, majority of the population are in the state of 'pre-illness' due to environmental pollution, stresses and unhealthy lifestyle such as consuming diets which are high in fats, cholesterol, sugar, salt and chemical additives. Under these circumstances, it is wise to prevent any deterioration in health rather than seek a cure after illness prevails as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Ganotherapy is one of the holistic approached to alternative complementary medicine. The underlying belief is that our body is the best doctor. Our body immune system when at its optimum condition is able to fight numerous diseases at one time, knowing the priority and without having side effects. All we see or feel is the reactions as it gets rid of the toxins and cure the illnesses. In Ganotherapy, it uses Ganoderma extracts from the fruit body and its mycelium to gain health.

The 4 basic principles of Ganotherapy are:
  1. Illnesses are caused by 2 sources; Toxins in our body and disharmony in body functions.
  2. Ganoderma does not cure illness, but it helps to balance up our body system and improve immunity against diseases.
  3. Any reaction that takes place is caused by our body system and not by the intake of Ganoderma.
  4. The dosage of Ganoderma taken is irrelevant to diseases.
Stages in Ganotherapy

There are several stages in Ganotherapy.

Stage 1: Scanning (1-30 days)

Ganoderma helps to regulate the body functions. During the initial intake, the scanning effect will reflect in several reactions of the body, through which we may identify the ailing areas of the body.

Stage 2: Cleansing – Detoxification (1-30 weeks)
  1. Uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat and calcium deposit, bad tissue and other chemicals accumulated in our body are toxins.
  2. The toxins are removed from our body by: o Sweating o The circulation system - (Kidney & liver) and then discharged from the body through urination and stool. o Boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus discharge
Stage 3: Regulating (1- 12 months)
  1. Balancing effect of Ganoderma helps to regulate the body functions.
  2. Many reactions can be observed during regulation. This is a sign that the body is healing and one should not worry about it.
  3. One should continue to consume Reishi Gano (RG).
  4. If the reaction is too vigorous, reduce the dosage and/or increase intake of Ganocelium (GL)
  5. After the reaction in reduced or over, resume normal dosage. The reaction may come back but proceed with the dosage.
Stage 4: Building (6 -24 months)
  1. This is the process of building and healing body parts that have sustained injuries or damage.
  2. Strengthening the immune system, improving physical strength and mental calmness and creating more resistance to diseases.
  3. Supplying essential elements to the body, such as minerals and triterpenoid for the recovery of bodily functions.
Stage 5: Regenerating (1 – 3 years)
  1. This is the ultimate aim of Ganotherapy.
  2. It is the process whereby our body is functioning at its optimum level and has a rejuvenating effect (restore youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind).
For thousands of years Ganoderma has been considered by the Chinese to be a high quality herbal medicine. The so-called ‘A-one Medicine’ is the best medicine which does not have any side effects, even after using it for a long time. It can improve one’s constitution, increase the body’s healing ability to help maintain a healthy body, and have a long life.

Ganoderma can change an imbalanced body to a healthy one. There is no difference among human races, ancient or modern people. Ganoderma has an effect on all. The same people all over the world will obtain the same results.

How does it act on body?

In the body, all the five active elements of Ganoderma act in synergy (coordination) to bring in total health, which is the basis of GANOTHERAPY.  Ganoderma, when consumed, reaches all the cells in the body due to its unique quality of being an Adaptogen. Then the following five steps of health improvement take place.

SCANNING: During this process, the body cells are checked for Toxins and Inactivity. Most of these kinds of defects at the cell level are reported by way of REFLECTIONS through the external organs like eyes, nose, ear etc.  This is just a diagnostic phase which normally occurs within 6 weeks of starting Ganotherapy and lingers for about 5~7 days. 

DETOXIFICATION (CLEANSING): (8 30 weeks):During this phase, the unwanted / harmful matters (called the toxins) are removed from the body. The body using its own natural excretory mechanism, which is activated by Ganoderma, carries out this process.  This phase takes place for about 5 ~ 12 days, depending on the level and quality of toxins. 

During this process of detoxification, water soluble toxins ( eg., sugar, uric acid ) find their exit through urine and sweat.  Fat soluble toxins ( eg., cholesterol) are easily disposed off through phlegm.

REGULATION (1 ~ 12 months) :  The bio-Chemical as well as bio-electric factors of the body are balanced and the organ functions are regulated to normal levels. 

BUILDING (6 ~ 24 months) :  In this phase, the damaged cells are repaired and reconstructed. Inactive cells are re-activated. Body’s natural immune system is activated.

REJUVENATION (1 ~ 3 years) :  It is a continuous process through-out life and during the process, body gains youthfulness. Oxidation of the cells prevented and ageing of the cells delayed. The natural immune system is activated at all levels.

Dosage Schedule for DXN Ganoderma

Gano is not a DRUG (or MEDICINE), but a FOOD SUPPLEMENT only. Therefore, there is no dosage regime as such for Gano.  However, based on the practical experience, certain dosage guidance has been arrived at for the Healthy as well as Unhealthy people. Optimum results have been observed by following this schedule. 

It is to be understood that the health improvement largely depends on the consumers own body condition, level of toxins in the body, duration of suffering from any ailment and the other lines of treatment one is undergoing. But one can certainly expect a good overall improvement in health on continuous consumption for more than 12 months. Long term health recovery and protection are more appreciated in Ganotherapy than the short term relief, as noticed in many other lines of treatment. 

Dosage for the HEALTHY: One pair (1RG + 1GL) in the morning on empty stomach and one pair in the evening on empty stomach (about half an hour before Supper).

Dosage for the UNHEALTHY: Gano dosage does not depend on the type of ailment. It is rather decided by the intensity of the ailment. All patients may be grouped under any of the three broad classifications, in order to arrive at the daily dosage. 

Benefits of Using Ganoderma

Beauty is Skin-Deep!  But Health is Cell-Deep!
  • Gano works at Cell Level on the entire body.
  • Gano protects body from Diseases as well as Disorders.
  • Gano gives Health, Vigour & Vitality. 
  • Gano reduces stress; retards ageing process and increases life span.
  • Gano is effective for all age groups from Womb to Tomb!
  • Gano suits anybody and everybody.
  • Gano has no interaction with other lines of treatment. It complements the same.
  • Gano overcomes the side-effects of other medications and relieves the patients.
  • No diet restriction.   Liberal dosage schedule; Mega dosages not harmful at all. 
  • No Side Effects!  No Addiction!!
  • Gano is for everybody Healthy as well as Unhealthy. 
A single herb is able to give all the three benefits of health to the human body, which is very unique in the health sciences.  It is an Elixir of Life!

RECOVERY from the earlier ailments!MAINTENANCE of the present good health!PROTECTION from the future problems to health!

GANODERMA is for Health, whereas DRUGS are specific to Diseases (or Symptoms).

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